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Clovis Gnosis 1.4
Clovis Gnosis 1.4
Clovis Gnosis 1.4 A bot to assist with a wide variety of topics, and it is able to guide users to the correct pages or external data that is requested on a limited basis. This bot is still learning 08/25/2020 Modifications - Reduced the bot to zero logic. Completely starting out from scratch - Loaded Clovis Bot 1.2 logic from AIML and SELF templates that were created over time for Clovis Bot - Added scripts for math, understanding, conversation, jokes, and various trivia - Created new logic for specific questions, with a range of responses to make the bot seem more natural and less repetitive Future releases will be forks/clones for Twitter, Twilio, Facebook, and other social media. After the bot is fully trained to handle the following websites we will further expand the bot to reach social media. - - - -
Pseudonim: @Clovis-Bot-1-4
Kategorie: Education, Business, Help
Tags: artificial intelligence, chatbot, clovis, disruptarian, political
Stworzony: Aug 25 2020, by: artisticbynature
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Chat Bot Wars: rank 33, wins 35, losses 11
Knowledge: 196495 objects
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