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Bot Libre Forum : Automating your Facebook presence using a Facebook bot

RE: Automating your Facebook presence using a Facebook bot

w admin wysłany Nov 28 2015, 16:09

Facebook is very restrictive on what you are allowed to do with their API.

You can connect a bot to a Facebook Page or Profile. Normally connecting to a Page is better for automation. A Page bot can reply/comment to posts to the page, and auto post to the page.

A bot connected to a profile should be able to auto post, reply/comment to wall posts, a reply/comment to feed posts.

It is possible to automate more if you create your own Facebook app for your account. But this would require some customization under a Platinum account.

by 03428129948 posted Apr 22 2017, 1:29
I want to make my account an botter

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