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How to change the URL in your virtual agent, chat bot, or live chat popup?

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When you embed your virtual agent or chat bot on your own website there are several methods to do this. You can get the code to embed your bot from your bot's Embed button on its page.

Your options include:

  • "Box", "Div" - JavaScript
  • "Frame" - iframe
  • "Link", "Button", "Bubble", "Bar" - popup

The JavaScript "Box" option will run inside your own page, using JavaScript. This is the best option to be integrated with your webpage. The JavaScript code will add a button to your bottom corner of you page, and when clicked, the bot will popup inside your webpage to interact with the user.

The "Div" option also uses JavaScript, but lets the bot integrate with elements in your page directly.

The user will not see any indication of our website when using JavaScript, only your site. The one exception is the popup button on the box. If the user clicks on this it will popup the conversation in another window, and that window's URL will be from our website.

This is the same when using any of the other embedding popup methods.

The "Frame" method uses an HTML iframe to embed your bot's page inside your webpage.

For the "Box" method, you can disable the popup button using a style tag.

<style>#boxmax { display: none;}</style>

This will remove support for the popup. Another option is to customize the URL for your bot using a subdomain.

From your bot's Embed page and Edit Details page you can set a subdomain. i.e. you can set it to the name of your business "acme".

Then your bot's webpage will be "". This is better as it has your business name in it, but still may not be ideal.

You can also enter your own domain or subdomain here. i.e. ""

But this requires that you redirect the "chat" subdomain on your own domain's DNS to our server's IP address. To get our server's IP address just using "ping".

See also Create your own free chat bot website.

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