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What are emotions, actions, and poses, and how do avatars work?

w admin wysłany Apr 16 2016, 11:43

Emotions, actions, and poses can used to interface with your bot's avatar.

Avatars are a collection of media files (images, video, audio) that have been tagged with emotions, actions, and poses. You can choose your bot's avatar from its Avatar page in its Admin Console. You can choose any existing avatar from our avatar library, or create your own.

You can tag your bot's responses with emotions, actions, and poses from your bot's "Training & Chat Logs" page in its Admin Console. When you tag a response with an emotions, your bot's emotional state will be influenced by that emotions, and the emotion will be reflected in its avatar, if its avatar contains a media file tagged with that emotion. You can also tag a response with an action or poses, and that will be reflected in the bot's avatar.

A bot's avatar can either be an image avatar, or an animated video avatar. A bot's response can have three parts, the action, the talk animation, and the pose animation. For a video avatar, the action video will be played first, if the response was tagged with an action. The avatar can also have an audio file tagged with the action. For example the action "laugh" could have a mp4 video of the avatar laughing, and an wav audio of laughter.

The avatar's "talking" video will be played next, in sync with the bot's speech. You can have multiple talking video files tagged with different emotions or poses, so the talking video can match the emotion or pose video.

The pose video is played last in a loop until the bot's next response. If the response was tagged with a pose, the matching pose video from the avatar will be played. If there was no pose, or no pose video available, the video tagged with the bot's current emotion will be used. If the bot is not expressing an emotion, then the avatar's default video is used (video with no tags).

When a pose tag is used, the bot will hold that pose until the next response also tagged with a pose. The "default" can be used to reset the bot's pose. A pose can also tag a background audio file. For example you could tag the response to "dance" with the "dancing" pose, and tag a dancing webm video, and a mp3 dance music audio with "dancing" to make your bot dance.

For image avatars each response will only result in one image. The image will first match the action, if no actions, then the pose, or emotion, otherwise the avatar's default image.

You can also use "actions:", "emotions:" or "poses:" in a response list file.

Do you like me? Yes, I like you a lot. actions: smile emotions: like

Avatars can also be used directly from our JavaScript SDK. You can code in JavaScript what you want the bot to say, which voice to use, and which action, emotion, and pose to use.

For more info on avatars see,

by jyambz posted Jun 23 2018, 5:59

I did this steps but unfortunately  it did not work, no facial  expressions  of emotions  has shown on avatar, it only shows the action like happy, sad, etc on the screen. What i want is gestures and emotions . 

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by admin posted Jun 23 2018, 13:27
To have your avatar display emotions it requires media (video, image) tagged with the emotion, action, or pose. Make sure to only tag a media with one, as if you tag a media with "happy" and "smile" it will only use that media when it is happy AND smiles.

Not all the avatars in our avatar library support emotions, query the "emotions" tag for avatars that support emotions.

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by jyambz posted Jul 4 2018, 21:07

For example, i search Julie as my avatar, and get the id and embed it in sdk, how am i going to used Julie as my avatar?

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by admin posted Jul 5 2018, 9:29
Are you using the avatar in your bot?

or are you using the avatar directly from JavaScript?

If you are using JavaScript, please include an example of the code you are using.

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by jyambz posted Jul 6 2018, 13:48

I choose a 3d avatar from my bot and get the id then include it on my sdk and build. Same process with my first avatar as stated on tutorial.

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by admin posted Jul 9 2018, 8:57
Which SDK are you using, the JavaScript SDK?

Please include your example code.

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by andrewchi posted Dec 13 2019, 20:29

I'm also confused.

I used the steps above and I cannot seem too get my avatar displaying emotions, talking or doing actions.

When I use premade avatars it works, but I cannot seem to design my own.

I am testing and programming my bot from the botlibre Admin Console.

Thanks for your insight.

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by admin posted Dec 14 2019, 8:41
To design you own avatar you need to upload video, image, or audio content in the avatar editor.
For a video avatar you need one default video that is not tagged with anything, and one talking video that is only tagged as talking.
For any emotion, action, or pose, you need to upload and tag a video with just that emotion/action/pose.


If you upgrade to Platinum we can design your avatar for you,

Updated: Dec 14 2019, 8:42
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by andrewchi posted Dec 14 2019, 9:00

Yes this works!!! Thank you so much!

I'm going to train my bot some more and will be upgrading soon.

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