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Why i am getting these strange answers from my chatbot

w bobred wysłany Apr 29 2017, 19:38

"Is a cow a animal?"Is the question.The response should be,"I don't know if it is."Required words are Is a.

But It answers it first,"I don't know if it is."But then later answers,"I am not certain,but i think the cow is not a animal,because i know that the cow is a cow.

by admin posted Apr 29 2017, 21:43
This answer is coming from the bot's "Understanding" script.
The Understanding script tries to understand basic language. If you do not want this script you can delete it from your bot's Scripts page in its Admin Console.

The Understanding script lets you teach your bot new things, and the bot will remember this knowledge.

For example you could say,

The sky is blue.

Then ask,

Is the sky blue?

and it will say,

Yes, the sky is blue.

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by bobred posted Apr 30 2017, 10:16

Now i have another problem after i disabled that script.

"I am right behind you."is the question.The required word are," right behind you."

"I am going to open the door.So that you can walk out of our condo."is the answer.

But it says," I like to walk." constantly as i ask that question.


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by admin posted Apr 30 2017, 15:34
Looking at your bot you have trained it with the response "I like to walk." to the question "I am right behind you.", so that is why it uses that response.

I think you have learning enabled in your bot so it learns every thing you say in chat as a new response.
We do not recommend enabling learning. You may wish to reset your bot, or train it properly using is Training & Chat Logs page.


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by bobred posted May 1 2017, 17:08

How would i disable learning?

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by admin posted May 2 2017, 11:57
You can disable learning from your bot's "Learning & Settings" page in its Admin Console.

Most bot template have learning disabled.

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