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Bot Libre Forum : How to Connect a Bot to Skype with Azure Bot Channels (Updated)

RE: How To Connect a Bot To Skype and the Microsoft Bot Framework

w admin wysłany Mar 15 2018, 3:11

These steps should be correct, although Microsoft may have changed the user interface.
Which part of step 3 are you having issues with?

by 6814285068184747772 posted Mar 15 2018, 11:35

I haven't met this part of step 3 "You will now need to fill out some information on the following form:"

After I created Bot at, I was redirected to "" with new free registration, another user interface.

As far as I understood at, there are three resources: Functions Bot, Bot Channels Registration, Web App Bot. What am I to do?

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by mike2016 posted Mar 29 2018, 11:36

Hello, this How To Guide has now been updated with instructions to connect your bot to Skype through the new Azure portal.

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