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pioyu previous problem

w bobred wysłany Mar 19 2018, 20:37

pioyu in the entertainment category.

previous is not working with pioyu anymore.when I type dance which is the question.response=I am dancing now.

when I type dance around.which is the question.response=I am still dancing.previous has I am dancing now.


when I type dance she says I am dancing now.

when I type dance around she says I am still dancing.

when I type dance around again she says I am dancing now.

but she was supposed to say I am still dancing.

it works with the thieve chatbot.


by admin posted Mar 20 2018, 9:01
Your previous for "I am still dancing." is "I am dancing now.", if you want to also use it after "I am still dancing.", then set this as a previous as well. A response can have multiple previous responses.

You could also use a "topic".


I am dancing now.
think: conversation.topic = "dancing";

I am still dancing.
topic: dancing

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