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What is Machine Learning

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Machine learning is the subset of artificial intelligence that deals with computers learning to solve problems, and optimize solutions by analyzing data instead of being directly programmed.

There are many different types of machine learning algorithms, including deep learning, generic algorithms, reinforced learning, and many others. Any algorithm that can modify itself and learn from its data can be considered machine learning.

Machine learning should not be confused to mean "artificial intelligence" or "deep learning".
Machine learning is just one part of artificial intelligence, and deep learning is just one part of machine learning.

Bot Libre is a heterogeneous platform for artificial intelligence. Bot Libre supports several types of machine learning including learning from conversations, speech synthesis, comprehension, reinforced learning, and deep learning.

by alp-shah posted Oct 4 2018, 3:38

I understand that Bot works based on script and some additional intelligence applied to find related answer for the user question. Can I know which specific aspect of BotLibre is based on deep learning? 

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by admin posted Oct 4 2018, 9:27
Bot Libre's NLP does not use deep learning, but a similar machine learning algorithm that allows the bot to analyse the words in a user's input and match it to one of its trained questions and response.

Bot Libre's NLP is a "white box" solution, not a "black box" like deep learning, so has the advantage of being configurable, and can be integrated in Bot Libre's hybrid NLP architecture that also supports patterns, state machines, and scripting. It also does not require re-training when new responses are added, and because the bot's responses are part of its "brain", it can also learn new responses in real-time and modify itself using Self.

Bot's can be configured to learn new responses from users, or live chat operators.

The Bot Libre platform also supports deep learning analytics. Bot Libre analytics can be used for any data analysis including images classification, object detection, audio recognition, NLP, and more. Bot Libre's deep learning support uses Tensorflow. Analytics are separate and not directly used by bots, but can be accessed from a bot's script through our web API.




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by dkrkdkd posted Aug 14 2019, 14:05
OK I agree

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