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Uploading AIML files

w tpranara wysłany Jun 28 2020, 5:52

I started to build my bot back in 2014, but had dropped it for a while. I have just recently picked it up again. I have used the Pandorabots sandbox editor to edit and flush out any bugs. It is still too bare bones to move it to Libra Bots at the moment. Pandorabots allows for one to zip up their AIML files when ever they want. My files are in AIML 2.0 although most of my work I think is basic and probably could work in AIML 1.0. I do have one AIML file that features time zone conditions. That is about as complex as my bot will probably be.


Will I be able to upload my bot as the 40-50 or more AIML files which are organised by topic, or will they need to be condenced into one huge file?


Thank you.

by admin posted Jun 29 2020, 11:55

You can either merge the files into one, or upload them one by one.

If you upload them to your script library, you can also them import them to your bot many at a time.

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