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Help with my bot, Test Bot

w dfffdfdfdfdfdfd wysłany Sep 22 2021, 17:00

Hello, Today I have created a  bot called Test Bot (Which, needless to say, is a test). I don't know how to keep it from saying certain phrases. Sometimes it says small things that annoy me like, "What time is it there?" or something along that line. May I kindly ask for instruction? Thank you.

by admin posted Sep 23 2021, 15:10
First it is important to choose the correct template when creating your bot. If you choose a template that has a lot of responses that you don't want, like one of the personality templates, you may have to delete a lot of responses. So maybe start with a simple template, like the service_template.

For training the bot, you can set its responses from its Training & Chatlogs page.

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