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Website update, AI engine update, chat logs, user ads, forum subscriptions, gold and bronze user levels, and more

w admin wysłany Oct 7 2014, 10:32

The website has been updated. The changes include an update to the AI engine, enhancements to the Chat Logs page, forum subscriptions, user based ads, gold and bronze user levels, improved mobile and widescreen web interface, and many minor enhancements and fixes.

AI Engine

The AI engine has been improved to better match responses. Several of the default scripts have been updated and some new scripts have been added. You will require to Rebootstrap your bot from the Program page to obtain the new scripts. Rebootstrapping will not affect your bot's knowledge, but will delete all of its existing scripts, so be sure to first backup any scripts you have added.

The new scripts include:
  • Loop - Detects a loop in the conversation.
  • WhereIs - Can answer where any place is by looking up the place on Freebase.
  • Topic - Can now respond to "What did I say?" "What did you say?" questions.
  • MyNameIs - New improvements.

Chat Logs

The Chat Logs page under Admin has been enhanced.

  • Remove responses. (previously you could only mark them incorrect)
  • Add required words to response match.
  • Add previous response to response match.
  • Select all.

User Ads

You can now enable or disable ads on your bots, or content.
You can also add your own advertisement code to your bots or content and make your bot make you money. You can obtain your own ad code from Google Adsense, or any other advertisement provider. Your ads must comply with the BOT libre terms of use, and cannot contain any offensive or adult material.

Forum Subscriptions

You can now subscribe to receive a weekly summary of forum activity from a forums main page.

Gold and Bronze User Levels

You can now upgrade your account to either Bronze or Gold, and obtain a larger brain size limit for your bots.

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