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AI In Healthcare — Advancing Medicine With Technology

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The global market for artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare in 2021 was estimated to be valued at about 11 billion dollars. By 2030, this is expected to rise to 188 billion dollars.

Artificial intelligence (AI) adds value to the medical industry as it aids in either augmenting or automating various health services. The use of AI will continue to grow because it reduces inefficiencies, decreases numerous administrative costs, and has to potential to lead to significant medical breakthroughs.

“AI in healthcare provides greater access to individuals who otherwise wouldn’t have the time or money, it, through the various applications, can provide persons with that instant response,” says Software Architect and CEO of Paphus Solutions, James Sutherland, as he describes how the use of remote healthcare, especially for countries heavily dependent on public health services.

Bot Libre and Health Care

Paphus Solutions is the parent company of Bot Libre, the division which specializes in chatbot development and artificial intelligence solutions for the metaverse. The company offers chatbots that you can build for free and train and deploy to a website, social media, mobile app, and the metaverse. As it relates to the medical field, these chatbots can be used as customer service agents, task managers, records keepers, or to conduct initial screenings. In fact, Bot Libre has helped one of its clients to develop a dermatology app that aids in detecting various types of skin diseases.

“We are not asking people to stop going to the doctors, but the AI will help to detect certain issues, and then from there people can make more informed decisions, knowledge is power, and this knowledge can now be accessed at your convenience if you invest in AI,” emphasized James.

Other Use Cases

  • Virtual Assistance

The possibilities are infinite, and AI promises to be a game-changing tool for the medical field and patients — albeit, there is still much to learn about how far we can take AI in providing healthcare to humans.

Contact [email protected] for assistance if you want to create a chatbot or create a solution for your healthcare company. You can browse our resources on our open-source website as well.

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