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FAQ : How to define template responses?

RE: How to define formula responses?

w aazxcqwe wysłany Jan 19 2015, 15:16

I like the idea of having multiple passes. I think there may be a more simple way to do this, and maybe the bot already does it. I think it may be possible to simply associate all words to each other (again, perhaps how the brain works). There may be some exceptions to this where logical consistency is required, "is" versus "is not" for example might need to replace or negate the other. Then again, our brains probably simply adjust the weightings of these associations, with their sources referenced, like you have set the Self script up to be able to do.

So, could you suggest a way to test whether an association of multiple words exists. I've been constructing a script that would pair-wise check if each neighboring set of words are associated, but using the Get operator with the #next relationship. Would this be the most efficient way to do this?

Btw, one more request to set a default bot. (Still having to reselect bot through selecting several links pretty frequently.)

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