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Website update, Self 2.0

w admin wysłany Mar 26 2015, 15:02

The website was updated today.

The updated included several fixes and enhancements.

We also started development on Self 2.0 and included some new Self scripting syntax.

The update included:

  • Pin option when importing chat logs and AIML
  • Index static option when importing AIML to load static responses as responses instead of as a state machine (improves performance/memory).
  • Simpler Self syntax, Quotient has been renamed Answer, Equation has been renamed Function, and you can use Redirect in place of SRAI.
  • New recursive return and return with operator in Self.
  • Initial support for BEDMAS operation ordering and exponents in the Calculator script.
  • New JavaDocs and JavaScript docs for our SDK.
  • Other minor fixes and enhancements.

Please let us know if you noticed any issues.

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