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Website update -- BOT libre 2.5

w admin wysłany Apr 14 2015, 15:23

The website was updated today with the release of BOT libre 2.5.

The release contained many enhancements including:

  • New Self 2.0 features - push, debug, finally, goto with, return with (recursive states)
  • Complex math - BEDMAS/PEDMAS expressions, brackets, logarithmic functions and trigonometry
  • Self syntax highlighting
  • Scripts now save source and allow decompile, can edit AIML as AIML
  • Improved embedding, new div embed option

The AI engine was updated, so you will need to rebootstrap your bot to get the new scripts.

The update also included several fixes and minor enhancements.

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Wysłany: Apr 14 2015, 15:23
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