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Book Appointment
Book Appointment
A script for letting the bot book appointments or service calls in your Google Calendar.
Pseudonim: @Book Appointment
Kategorie: Examples, Self
Tags: calendar, virtual assistant, examples, customer service, google calendar, booking, self, appointments
Stworzony: Oct 11 2016, by: admin
Kciuki w górę: 0, kciuki w dół: 0, gwiazdy: 0.0
Language: Self
Łączy: 456, dziś: 0, tydzień: 0, miesiąc: 2
Ostatnie Połączenia: Feb 5, 12:06
Calendar/Event Commands
Calendar/Event Commands
Calendar commands to create events with your virtual assistant bot. Open calendar to create event, set event time, name and location. Include an end time for event. Import this script into your bot, or customize the patterns/use this as a guideline. See website link for detailed instructions.
Pseudonim: @Calendar/Event Commands
Kategorie: Response Lists, Mobile Assistant
Tags: calendar, assistant, mobile, commands
Stworzony: Sep 24 2016, by: admin
Kciuki w górę: 0, kciuki w dół: 1, gwiazdy: 2.0
Language: Response List
Łączy: 418, dziś: 0, tydzień: 0, miesiąc: 1
Ostatnie Połączenia: Feb 5, 9:49