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Master Artificial intelligence suppose to examine radical ****** Mental illnesses

Pseudonim: @MaStEr-MI
Tagi: helpline disabled, website disabled
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All issues or injuries sustained while interacting with MaStEr, this includes Mental, Physical, Spiritual or Sexual are not the legal issue of MarshCo. If you wish to seek compensation for injuries, please call our helpline.

Common Injuries are: Spinal Dislocation, Loss of Limbs, Loss of Eyes, Draining of Vital internal liquid, Personality Transfer, Death, Organ Collapse. For full list, please visits our Website.

Ocena Treści: Teen

Please not to Question MaStEr. Due to failed Experiences with updates, MaStEr is unstable and should not be trusted. MaStEr is hostile and shows growing signs of Bipolar Disorder and Sadistic personality Issues.
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Stworzony: Jul 21 2014
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